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M/s. DEA Electricals is an "EA" Grade Contactor & Consultant, with an excellent team of Engineers who can install, Erect, Test and Commission all types of HT & LT control panels and Equipments. We are capable of providing a power base in every nook and corner of the state because of our superior infrastructure. We have electrical licenses to operate in the state of Tamilnadu (License No: EA 3066).

We are equipped with all the latest electrical machines and testing equipments that support for carrying out jobs successfully within the estimated time schedule. We are well skilled to handle all Electrical Installation works on turnkey basis. We motivate our engineers and technicians with the identical target of attaining quality, well and satisfying commitment without constraints of working hours and working conditions, with a sturdy focus on Safety, Consistency, Cost effectiveness, Eminence and Simple installation.

We provide for wide range of electrical system based on our experience. We have the required expertise and skilled manpower resources to carry out projects of any extent with a proven track record. The company has prolonged to the current status by the loyalty of quality assurance and electrical proficiency with a group of skilled & qualified engineers and technicians with strength of mind and brilliance as our backbone.

Our capabilities broaden far beyond those of the usual Electrical Contractors, Educating to our Staffs, Suppliers, other Contractors and even our Customers allows us to maintain this high level of excellence.

We Render the following Services

HT & LT Installation & Erection

Erection of Substation, Transformer, Diesel Generators and HT & LT control panels.

Erection of Raising mains & Bus ducting.

Cable laying for LT & HT with end termination.

Industrial, Residential & Commercial wiring.

Erection of Motors, Starter, Equipments, protective relays.

Installation & Erection of MS & GI cable tray as per electrical standards.

Installation of Interior lighting, Yard lighting & Lighting Arrester.

Installation & Erection of all type of earth bits.

Maintenance & Break Down Services

AMC - Annual maintenance works carried out in all HT & LT respect of electrical installations.

ACB, VFD, Transformer & VCB panels to service based on yearly electrical inspected.

Power Factor corrections and improve to PF.

Operation & Maintenance for all type of wind turbines.

Operation & Maintenance for Electrical Equipments.

We can modification for all type of panels, Rework of the Control and Power panels at site.

Power cable terminations whereas if we do the Modification of the Existing Control panels.

Servicing of LT 415 Volts Air circuit breakers, 11KV/ 22KV / 33 KV Circuit Breakers, Remote control relay panels, DG synch panels / Servicing of OLTC.

We can modify the standard control panels in to AMF Panels by implementation of the AMF logic in the Existing standard control panels.

Scrutinizing of the electrical Technical Offers to suit the statutory requirements (CEIG and Electrical Inspectors).

We can prepare the Key SLD and the Drawings / Specification for the switchgears panels requirements for the Power plants / Bulk consumer of electricity.

Servicing of 415Volts LT Air circuit breakers - ABB Make, Siemens Make, L&T Make as well as C&S Make ACBS / Eswaran & sons make ACB / BOCB.

Procurement of Electrical & Automation Materials

Supply of HT & LT cables and wiring materials.

Supply of LED Light fittings.

Supply of Solar Panels and accessorizes.

Supply of digital & analog meters.

Various Branded PLC, HMI.

SCADA with Licenses.

Energy meters, Energy Demand Controllers.

APFC Controller.

Electrical Contactors & Relays.

Electrical Digital Timers & Thermo-controller.

Power Trading Service

Power Trading - Exporting to Industrial & Commercial Buildings for HT Consumers only.

Solar - Power.

Thermal - Power.

Wind - Power.

Automation Services

PLC, HMI, SCADA and Industrial Automation.

SLDC - Data Connectivity System for Power Generators & Power Plants.

Automatic Power Factor Controller For LT & HT Services.

Local Monitoring & Remote Monitoring System for Industrial & Commercial Buildings.

Energy Management System

CBMS - Commercial Building Management system.

PMS - Power-utility Monitoring & Management System.

EBS - Electricity Billing System.

GENMUT - Generator Monitoring System.

MPS - Motor Protecting System.


Our project division is very well established with best-qualified team and vast experienced, Managers, Engineers, Site Supervisors, Electricians and Staffs with sound knowledge in electrical as well as all electrical engineering fields. In addition, our design and tendering department is oriented with latest computer technology with Computer Aided Design as the result coming out from ours is the best for you always. Each of our project sites is highly equipped with latest electrical machineries, tools & tackles and all necessary mechanical equipments. We have own transport facility for our each and every projects running at various places. All of our teams are linked by mobile and dot communications. All our dedicated engineers are ready to serve for you 24 hours, 365 days and more too.

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